Breaking Free from the Mouse Trap

Ever since Windows 95, the mouse had a place in millions of homes across the world. Even today, with portables like Ultra-books and tablets dominating the mind share, we know several people who carry their mice in their bags. Using the mouse is not a habit it is a lifestyle Рwe want to hang on to them forever.

The modern mice are more than pointing devices. On top of providing experiences like smooth scrolling, the mice like the Touch Mouse have the ability to switch between apps and snap windows. This is not a novel concept, considering that PC users are used to gestures on the touch pads of their laptops. Now that you are thinking about the Apple trackpad with multi touch gestures, we would like to take the opportunity to let you know that PC manufacturers like sony and Toshiba had similar functionality (without multi touch) on their laptops before the MACs.

But are the gestures enough? Is our adorable mouse living a free life?

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Windows 8… Windows What?

The refreshing departure from the boring grid of icons

There is a lot of speculation around the falling market share of Windows. Is it the right thing to design for a windows based device? Does it make sense to design for an operating system with a market share less than 2% in the tablet space?


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Who Said The Mouse Will Die?

The Mouse will stay in the game in a brand new "avatar"!

Sure touch technology has come a long way and several experts predict the death of the might mouse. We are here to tell you that the “Mighty Mouse” is not going anywhere.

This website is maintained by a group of Penn State students working with Microsoft Hardware, to make the Microsoft Touch Mouse work, in an awesome way, with the next generation of Windows devices. All latest and greatest updates on the project will be posted on this blog.