Meet Us

Okay… it was rhetorical, by “meet” we meant “know” us.

This site belongs to WordPress us!!! The name of the blog “Art of touch Penn State” is inspired from the “Art of touch” website maintained by Microsoft Hardware. If you haven’t visited that site, we recommend you to.

We are students, at Penn State university, working with Microsoft hardware to help create the next generation Touch Mouse. This project is a part of the Interaction Design course, by Dr. Scarlett Miller, at Penn State University.

We are…


Kiseok Sung is a PhD student in the area of Human Factors Engineering. His concentration is phsical, work related human factors.  Kiseok has a background in Operations Research, Optimization, SCM and Industrial Engineering.  He got his bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Yonsei University.


         The “ME” tile on the left and segoe font used to write those letters define Mouni Reddy. Mouni and his decision to take up User Experience research, as a career, were greatly inspired by the METRO design language, when it made its full fledged public appearance, in the Windows Media Center. He is a huge fan of Microsoft and Windows Phone. Just like the live tiles, he is up to date with technology and has an ever growing set of diverse skills. He is currently working on enhancing UX with software-hardware integration.


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