Dear Microsoft: Last Words and Clarifications

We sincerely thank Microsoft for giving us the opportunity to work with the TouchMouse and WIndows 8.

We wanted re-answer the questions asked during the presentation, just in case, if there was not a lot of clarity:

1. The number of gestures are the same

2. Complete Gesture Cheat sheet

Three Fingers Up: The new task switching for x86 apps (or desktop class apps).

Three Fingers Down: Show desktop (but if while switching between apps using three finger up and if you do this gesture, you will go back to the previously swithced app).

Two Fingers Up/Down: Semantic Zoom on/off (in the desktop app – maximize minimize).

Two Fingers right/left: Back/Front (In Metro apps & Desktop app. We left out snap because it already quite intuitive).

3. Why three finger up to switch between apps, why not thumb flick?

While switching within open items in an app (say different tabs in IE) we want the user to track the next item naturally. The thumb flick direction helps them to see the next item. Another approach here could be expand all the preview tabs of the app (those small things in the task bar) and use the thumb to switch. This would still make the thumb flick more intuitive.

4.  How is the new task switching more efficient than Mac’s expose?

Expose: Three/Four finger up + Identify item (you are switching line of site) +Move cursor _ Click

Our Method: Three finger up (2 -3 times) .. you are gold. Doing repetitive gestures has lesser cognitive load.

Our video was largely successful online and was viewed by viewers from 33 Countries in 36 hours. People said they are looking forward for gestures in Windows 8. 

We would really love to see these ideas take shape into the final product. We would love to know the progress on the redesign of the TouchMouse. Please let us know if you think we could be of any help. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments or email us.


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