Idea Generation: SCAMPER

Idea Generation using scamperSCAMPER

Pushing the limits of creativity using conventional idea generation techniques. 

Substitute (S): Substituting Something In The Project

Replace the battery with a solar powered battery or recharge the battery with solar power. (Like a modern day calculator). The large surface can also double as a large solar panel. For today, it can be used as backup power but in the “green” future it will throw that Li-Ion out.



Combine (C): Bringing together different parts (Parts, processes..)

Not really a new idea, Microsoft Research wrote a paper on this. But it would be great to make a “dock” that leverages the power of smartphones and also provides the ergonomics of a mouse. A phone has everything that the TouchMouse needs, in addition to the capacitive sensor it will be the perfect idea to test our Gyroscope Mouse concept.

Adapt (A): Which part of the mouse can we change to suit our needs

We were never big fans of the form factor of the TouchMouse. It would be great to have an ergonomic form factor. Comfort never hurts, does it? And yes, we ergonomists make products ugly.





Modify(M): Distort in an Unusual Way

Induction Charging

I was never sold on the idea of charging a phone on a power mat because with a wire we can at least pick the phone up and use it. I am still waiting for Nokia’s real Wireless Charging (Oh Yes!) But modifying a power mat into a mouse pad that charges the mouse may not be a bad idea.



Put To Other Purposes (P): Getting the most out of it

The TouchMouse has a very hard to remove USB dongle. Joshua Topolsky hates it, we hope that if doubles as a USB memory drive it might make him happy and switchback from Logitech. Windows has this beautiful feature of using USB drives to speed up the computer.



Eliminate (E): Chuck something out

First thing we would want to eliminate is the weight and then the USB dongle. The mouse isvery light without those two heavy AA batteries. So the charging techniques discussed above might help in eliminating them. The reason MS chose the USB dongle is probably the lack of bluetooth and WiFi on several desktops. So that thing may have to stay.




Rearrange (R): Try doing it the other way

We tried improvising from an idea we built during brain storming. We want a to rearrange the touch sensor into two haves of a game controller. With two trackpads instead of the analog sticks. Why do this? Just because we can…


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