Windows 8… Windows What?

The refreshing departure from the boring grid of icons

There is a lot of speculation around the falling market share of Windows. Is it the right thing to design for a windows based device? Does it make sense to design for an operating system with a market share less than 2% in the tablet space?


Read on to know, why!?

More Windows 7 PCs Shipped than All iOS devices, MACs and Android Devices put together

You read that right, 525 million copies of Windows 7 were shipped since it launched. The mammoth figure comes at a time when Microsoft has no “real” tablet alternative in the market. Windows 8 focuses heavily on touch screen computing and the traditional desktop users are not left in the dark, as the classic windows experience is a click away.

Legacy applications on Windows Tablets

The iPhone has half a million apps!!! Wow that’s cool but Windows has more than 5 Million apps, now what?

The competition in the tablet space just became much more intense with Intel’s unveiling of the Medfield processor. Low power consuming x86 processors are likely to give the ARM based tablets a run for their money. Gartner predicts that more than 400 million Windows x86 PCs will ship in 2012. Intel and Microsoft believe that many of those numbers will come in the form of Windows tablets.

Microsoft Office FTW!

The METRO Magic

METRO is Microsoft’s new design. METRO is at the center of the WIndows 8 experience. I love metro and it is hard to find someone who doesn’t. The reason behind it is METRO is designed to be “loved”. It is modern, clean and beautiful.

See what the New York Times had to say about the METRO based Windows Phone

“Now, if this phone had arrived before the iPhone, people would have been sacrificing small animals to it.”  


Really? Them? Yes! Really, them! I agree that Microsoft is rarely the first to hit the market. In spite of being they do not always get it right the first. But over time, the products take over the market like slow poison.


  • There is an 85% probability that you are reading this article on a Windows PC
  • Mac fans said “Windows 95 = MAC 89”, may be it was. But, what did people choose?
  • The B-school I went to, had case studies on why Microsoft did a blunder by getting into the console space. Today Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division posts almost as much as profit as the Windows division
  • Windows Phone: This is not a success story, yet. But every Windows Phone user would read this line, smile and say: “I know what you are talking about”. 
  • Developer support and tools provided by Microsoft is simply far ahead of the competition.
  • Office: A computer without “office” is no better than a toy.

Microsoft knows what to do, better than you and me. They always did. Now if you will, we will get back to work.


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